Dare Bros Meeting, September 26, 2006
Emma celebrating her 3rd birthday, June 2005
5th Generation Dare Women out "On the Town", 1/23/2005
Erin performing at Masquers, 10/05/2003 Erin's ballet recital, 11/09/2003
Alexander earning his black belt in karate,
Meeting of "Dare Bros" partners, 10/18/2002
Erin Dare in "A Chorus Line", Alameda ACLO July 2002, Photos by John Faris
Marty's Alameda Bike Race, July 21, 2002
Emma, born to John & Gena Mendoza on June 30, 2002

at birth

6 mos.

9 mos.

9 mos.
Erin's "After Work Ballet" Recital, May 19, 2002
Dee Dee Chan at Cheer of America, April, 2002
Picture of Danielle (Dee Dee) doing the aerial splits was taken at Cheer of America National Championships held in Florida where Dee Dee won the National title for individual non-varsity show cheer