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Returning Home from Kona, 1/20/2007
It's Saturday, January 20, 2007 and we have to return home. In taking our last views at the ocean, we were fortunate to have spotted a whale. It spouted water and rolled. But it didn't sound, so we were able to have a few more glimpses at it. Before going to the airport, we had to go back to the flea market to pick up an orchid lei that we had ordered. We still had some time before the flight, so we stopped off at Honokohau Harbor to have a look. This is where the fleet of fishing charter boats operate. We saw several boats go in and out of the harbor and one came in flying a marlin flag. We couldn't wait to see the fish, because we had to get to the airport and check in. As we flew home, we thought about the wonderful time we had here in Hawaii, and we knew in our hearts that we would surely be back.

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P1030811 Enjoying our view as we get ready to leave the condo. P1030814 Today the P1330493 P1330505 P1330495 This boat looks like the one in the sunset picture. P1330497 Zebra doves P1330499 P1330500__2__2 After spotting the whale, it rolled and exposed its flipper. P1330501 The whale is spouting P1330502 Back of whale showing slightly P1330503 P1330508 Sea-going kayaks P1330509 Whale showing flipper as it rolls again P1330510 P1030815 Waiting to check out. P1030816 Back at the Farmers' Market P1030817 These fruits are not allowed on the plane. P1030819 P1030820 P1030821 P1030822 P1030823 P1030824 P1030825 P1030826 Stopping at Hilo Hattie P1030827 P1030828 Stopping at Borders P1030829 P1030830 Honokohau Bay P1030834 P1030835 IMG_4280 P1030836 P1030838 P1030840
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