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Tour of the Big Island including Hilo and Kilauea, 1/18/2007
On Thursday, January 18, 2007 we drove around the Big Island. In driving east on Hwy #190 towards Hilo, we began to appreciate ihe size of the island and the vast amount of open spaces. We stopped at Waimea to visit the Parker Ranch Museum. Then we continued on to Hilo for lunch and to look around. Surprisingly , we didn't see too many other tourists. The area we were at was more like a quiet artist colony. We went to the Tsunami Museum and learned about how tsunamis affected the way of life at Hilo. We continued on and finally reached Volcanoes National Park at Kilauea. We saw many craters and lava flows from past eruptions. Some were still steaming and showing signs of activity underneath. We drove down to the area where they had recent lava flows and joined the crowds of people in hiking over the lava beds to have a better look. We could see the steam plumes that show where molten lava is still pouring into the sea, but we would have to stay until it gets dark in order to see the glow of the fresh molten lava.

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P1330447JPG This morning, we see a new cruise ship P1330448JPG The parasail operators coordinate with the cruise ships to book passengers. P1030571 Open spaces along Highway #190 P1030575 P1030576 Weimea P1030577 P1030578 P1030579 Parker Ranch Museum P1030580 P1030581 Panola saddle and harness shop P1030582 Hawaiian Monarchy Lineage P1030584 Ebenezer Parker, one of two sons to John Palmer Parker P1030585 Not so lonesome cowboy! P1030587 On the way to Hilo P1030590 Hilo P1030592 P1030593 P1030594 P1030595 Stopping for Lunch P1030596 Thai Green Curry P1030598 P1030597 P1030599 P1030600 P1030603 P1030601 P1030602 P1030604 Former Kress is notw a theater P1030605 Tsunami Museum P1030606 P1030609 P1030607 Describing the effects of a tsunami P1030608 P1030610 Survivors stories P1030611
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