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Hopping Over to Kona to Visit the Big Island, 1/17/ 2007
It's Wednesday, January 17, 2007 and we were leaving Maui to go for a visit of the Big Island. While we were loading the car, Andy had cut up some strips of sugar cane so we could have a taste. After taking a few more pictures, we thanked Andy and Edith for their wonderful hospitality and took off for Kona. We had reservations at the Outriggers Condo Complex at Kailua-Kona. Our condo was a 2-bedroom, ocean front unit and it was comfortable and attractive. It also had both a private deck and a dining veranda where we could sit and enjoy the beautiful views. We heard that the Waikoloa Hilton was one of the must see places and decided to drive there. However, it was dark by the time we arrived, and we couldn't really appreciate the beauty of the surroundings.

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P1030497 Cutting up strips of sugar cane P1030498 P1030499 P1030500 Hmmm, it's good! P1030502 Andy built this Koi pond P1030504 Starfruit P1030507 Pink Plumerias P1030508 Tangerine P1030509 Papayas P1030511 Passion Fruit P1030516 Eating left-overs P1030517 P1030519 P1030520 P1030522 P1030524 P1030525 The back of the check-in area P1030526 Other Island Hopping Planes P1030531 Haleakala from the air P1030535 P1030536 P1030537 P1030538 P1030539 Kona Airport has an island flair P1030540 Front of KOA P1030541 Drop-off and pick-up area at KOA P1030542 Stopping for lunch at Kailua-Kona P1030543 Getting supplies at Walmart P1030545 Our bedroom at the condo P1030546 Our Bathroom P1030547 Living Area P1030548 Yale and Let's Bedroom P1030549 Kitchen Area P1030550 Looking out from our deck P1030552
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