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Touring Haleakala, 1/16/2007
With the reunion over, most everybody had either gone or were leaving on Tuesday, January 16, 2007. Yale and Letitia, who were also staying at the guest house, and we had plans to fly together to Kona on Wednesday. So, we were all planning to help Andy and Edith put away some of the items that had still remained out since the reunion. But Andy insisted that we enjoy ourselves while we were there, and he suggested that we take a trip up to Haleakala since we were already half way there. The drive took approximately 45 minutes one way, and we had climbed steadily pass the cloud layer. From the top we could see everything clearly except the valley below was obscured by clouds. Because of the time of year, it was pleasantly uncrowded. and we moved about freely without having to queue up for anything. After we finished our tour, we returned to Andy's place where we helped him harvest a bunch of bananas.

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P1030428 Makawao P1030430 Buying pastry at Kamoda Store P1030431 P1030432 Uncrowded parking lot by the visitors center P1030433 Looking up at the Maui Space Surveillance Complex P1330407 Visitors Center P1030435 Group of bikers preparing to go down P1030436 Looking at the valley below P1030437 P1030438 P1030439 At this level, the crater is too wide to be captured in one picture. P1030440 P1030441 P1030442 P1030462 P1030463 P1030464 P1030465 P1030466 P1030467 P1030469 pano_haleakala1f A panorama of the crater P1030470 Time for a pastry break! P1030474 Santa came to Maui for a vacation after working through Christmas. P1030472 The Silver Sword plant only grows in Haleakala P1330409 P1330410 The plant has a life span of 15 to 50 years when it will make a spectacular bloom before it dies. P1330411 These plants are at the end of their life span. You can judge the size of its huge bloom by the height of the spike. P1030475 It's 10,023 ft at the peak. P1030476 The surveillance complex is much closer now. P1030477 You can almost capture the whole crater from the peak. P1330413 Maui Space Surveillancce Complex P1330415 P1030479 P1330416 Each radome houses either an antenna or a telescope.
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