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Catamaran Cruise to Lanai, 1/15/2007
The Trilogy Catamaran Cruise and tour of Lanai on January 15, 2007 was one of the special features of the reunion. We even got a great discount on the cost of the trip because Andy and Edith are good friends with the Coon family that runs Trilogy. The ride to Lanai took a little over an hour and we saw several whales on both legs of the trip. The island of Lanai was very interesting. Since Dole no longer grows pineapples there, their economy depends mainly on tourism and construction. The day was beautiful and the water was very calm. Unfortunately, that meant slack winds and the sails were deployed only briefly for a picture moment. This was the last planned activity of our reunion and the group languished at Lahaina Habor after the trip to say goodbyes.

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P1030275 Arriving for the cruise P1030279 P1030280 Kevin, one of the crew, greeted us at the parking lot. P1030283 Waiting to board at Lahaina Harbor P1030281 P1030285 P1030286 IMG_4103 IMG_4104 P1030287 IMG_4107 IMG_4108 IMG_4109 IMG_4110 Roll Call P1030291 P1030292 Harrison, another crew member, is planning to go to China for studies. IMG_4115 P1030293 Our Captain P1030294 Crew members; the one in the middle was our pilot. P1030296 Edith has her new Cal outfit on P1030297 Leaving Lahaina P1330335 P1330330 Heading towards Lanai P1330331 A view of Kaanapali P1330332 The Captain was a veritable source of information. P1330333 P1030300 P1030302 P1030303 P1030304 P1030305 P1030306 Lanai has a symetrical topology because it's formed  from a single mountain. P1330347 P1330348 P1330345 Puu Pehe rock by Manele Bay marks the entrace to the small boat harbor.
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