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Touring the Alii Lavender Farm, Sun Yat Sen Park, and Janet & Douglas' Place, 1/14/2007
The reunion activities for Sunday, January 14, 2007, were optional. Some chose to go with Andy to play golf, others gathered at the house to plan tennis, but the majority decided to accompany Edith on a tour of the Alii Lavender Farm which is located in the hills above Kula. From there, you have a spectacular view of the Maui isthmus in addition to all the flowers growing there. Next we went to Sun Yat Sen Park and learned of his many connections with Hawaii. Finally, we visited Douglas and Janet's place to admire his many beautiful paintings and her talent as an interior decorator.

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P1030090 P1030091 P1030093 The Alii Lavender Farm, located high above Kula, gave a spectacular view of the Maui isthmus. P1030099 Starting out with breakfast P1030100 IMG_4076 P1030106 IMG_4075 P1030107 P1030108 P1030110 P1030111 P1030112 P1030113 Talking about Alii's Gift Products P1030115 Gathering for the tour P1030116 P1030114 P1030117 P1030119 Our guide P1030120 P1030121 Red Spanish Lavender P1030122 P1030124 P1030125 P1030127 P1030128 P1030129 P1030131 The Cigar Plant flowers are used to make fancy Kika Leis P1030134a P1030136 P1030137 Topped-off Avocado tree P1330325 P1030138 P1030139 P1030145
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