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Reunion at Andy and Edith's , 1/13/2007
The reunion at Andy and Edith's place on Saturday, January 13, 2007 was the main event at which everybody attending the reunion was on hand for. Some couldn't come until that day, and some had to leave soon afterwards. Andy had planned this to be an activities day. Points were awarded for participation in each of various activities with more points going to the winner of each competition. Andy had been collecting prizes to be given away to those who had accumulated the most points. Needless to say, everybody received some nice prizes. The highlights of the day were the group photos and the excellent dinner that Andy and Douglas had prepared for us.

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P1020933 Tammy, on the front porch of the guest house P1020934 Ginger, Tammy, and Harvey admired the big avocados P1020935 Andy, Harvey P1020936 Adolf, Dan, Barbara P1020937 Gathering at the pavillion P1020938 P1020939 View of both sides of the isthmus. P1020942 Lei making session at the pavillion P1020943 Grace's daughter demonstrated the techniques P1020944 
P1020945 P1020946 Grace wonders if she should point out there mistakes. P1020948 Playing pool in the rec room P1020949 Yale P1020950 Stan P1020951 Dan P1020952 Anna P1020953 Harvey P1020954 Gordon P1020955 Betty, Susanna P1020957 Dan, Yale P1020958 Displaying their completed leis P1020960a Edith, Tammy, Barbara, Ginger, Letitia, Claribel, ---, Grace P1020961 P1020962 June, Ted P1020963 David, Jayne P1020964 Adolphus, Ted P1020965 P1020967 P1020969 Sherman, Gordon, Harvey, Andy P1020970 David, Claribel, Jayne P1020971 Eating lunch up at the guest house. P1020973 Saving their leis. P1020974 Ginger, Anna P1020975 Looking over Janet's book
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