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Group Gathering at Beach House in Wailea, 1/12/2007
The first gathering of the group was on Friday, Jan. 12, 2007, at a private beach house in Wailea. Andy had borrowed the place from his business partner so we could have a place where we could talk and enjoy the beach undisturbed. We also got to meet Andy and Edith's friends and neighbors Janet and Douglas. Douglas is a renown artist; Janet is a talented writer and interior decorator.

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P1020843 Claribel, Barbara P1020844 Andy, Dan P1020845 Stan, Andy, Dan P1020847 Barbara, Frances, Anna P1020848 Playing bocce ball P1020849 P1020850 P1020853 Andy, Harvey P1020855 Ginger, Harvey, Andy P1020856 P1020857 A beautiful uncrowed beach! P1330299 P1330301 Looking out to Kahoolawe with Molokini in front P1330298 Molokini Island, formed by an underwater exinct crater, is very popular for snorkeling. P1330302 P1330303 Wind powered tubine generators lining the hillsides of Maui. P1330306 Coconuts P1330305 P1330307 Frances, Andy P1020859 Dan, Adolphus P1330308 Adolphus, Dan P1020862 Back: Tammy, Ginger, Claribel -   
Front: Barbara, Frances, Anna P1020863 Dan, Ansy, Adolphus P1020864 Bob, Anna, Harvey, Claribel, Pat P1020865 Bob, Anna, Harvey, Claribel P1020867 P1330310 Barbara P1330311 Stan P1330313 Tammy, Bob P1330314 P1020868 P1020869 Andy, Frances P1020870 Andy, Frances, Bob P1020871 Adolphus, Ginger, Claribel P1020872 Adolphus, Ginger, Claribel, Dan, Barbara
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