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Arriving at Maui and Preparing for the PAF-SOP Reunion, 1/10-11/2007

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P1330287 Coffee plants marked the property line between their neighbor P1330288 Harvesting avocados P1330289 P1330290 Papayas bear fruit all year P1330293 Picking starfruits P1330296 We had just picked the ripe ones off this cluster for breakfast. P1020809 Edith needs to actively market the produce in order to obtain agricultural water rates. P1020811 The ownwer of the market accepted the produce. P1020812 Historic Kula Post Office P1020813 P1020815 P1020814 Cafe 808, an authentic Hawaiian Barbecue P1020817 Dropping off recyclables at the Holy Ghost Church in Kula P1020816 This view was captured on the mural at the Historic Kula Post Office. P1020818 Visiting a Nursery above Kula P1020819 Maureen, the owner's daughter-in-law, was Edith's tennis instructor. P1020820 P1020824 King Protea blossom diameter ranges from 8-12 P1020825 Begging for Attention P1020841 The lab is more laid back P1020827 The nursery had many varities of Proteas P1020830 P1020831 P1020832 P1020833 Pincushion proteas growing on the hillside. P1020834 P1020835 Picking out some flowers for the reunion. P1020839 P1330294 Andy had put in the P1330295 Blue and Gold - P1330247 A Red Crested Cardinal was foraging on the lawn. P1330250 P1330262 A Ring Neck Pheasant strutted by