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Arriving at Maui and Preparing for the PAF-SOP Reunion, 1/10-11/2007
We arrived at Maui on Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2007, two days before the reunion. Bob and Anna met us at the airport because we were going to share a car for the reunion activities. We all had been invited to stay with Andy and Edith, who are hosting the reunion, and we wanted to come earlier to help out with any preparations or chores that had to be done before the reunion activities began.

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P1020790 Approaching Maui P1020792 Passing over Waiehu on the approach to the airport at Wailuku P1020793 Sugar Canes are the major crop grown here. P1020794 Meeting up with Anna and Bob at the airport. P1020795 Ed was here to join Andy and Edith in marshaling last week's Mecedes Golf Tournament P1020796 Edith is the hostess for our reunion. P1020797 Andy is the host for our reunion. P1020798 P1020799 P1020800 Ed has plans to leave for home on Thursday P1020801 Bob P1020802 P1020803 Andy loves to cook P1020806 Let's eat! P1020807 P1020808 P1330261 A huge skylight provided natural illumination for the house. P1330263 View of the north side of the isthmus from the house. P1330265 View of the south side of the isthmus from the house; the banana trees provided informal screening from the road. P1330244 Bananas P1330246 The birds liked the guavas too! P1330259 Papayas P1330266 More Bananas P1330267 On Thursday we helped to pick tangerines and other produce to market. P1330269 P1330270 P1330271 P1330272 After using the tall clippers, you have to pick them up. P1330273 Gathering the harvest for sorting P1330274 P1330275 P1330276 P1330279 P1330280 P1330283 The attractive ones in the box were taken to market.
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