Chinese New Year Celebration at Roland & Jeannette's, February 10, 2002

Mary, Jeannette and Daddy

Gathering of the cooks

Cooks at work

Cheri's new 'do

Marty, Darren, & Amy

Darren & Amy

Erin & Chris

Bette looking at Mom's new book

Erin receives Grandma's
New Year wishes

Self Portrait by Sheryl


Aunt Lillian

Bette learns the "nitty gritty" from Uncle Hing

Three sisters

Clem, Pat, & Jack

Putting on the finishing touches

Our Hosts!
Jeanette & Roland

Gathering around the food!

Expressing New Year sentiments

Chinese New Year feast!

Thanking all the contributors

It's time to eat!

Mary, Clem, Pat & Bel were quite satisfied

So also were Erik, Jennifer, Jason, Sheryl, Marty, Amy, ...

Laura Lisa & Maleea arrives

Roland and Lance

Clem gets acquainted

Laura Lisa, Maleea & Lance

Getting ready for dessert

Celebrating birthdays too!

Bette and
Aunt Lillian

Blowing out the candles

Bette & Clem talking about pending trips

Jennifer, Sheryl & Erin mugging for the camera

Mary gives Cheri some auntie advice

Lance doing his daddy thing

Jeannette, Mary, Bel & Bette

Engaging in "thlaw" talk

Family photo

Family photo from another angle

Cheri & Nicole
comparing hairdos

Aunt Laura gets bonding time

Nicole gets knitting instructions from Grandma

Bel gets to carry Maleea
Mary "opens the year" with the traditional "goodie" exchanges

Jason & Jennifer receives "lucky money" from Uncle Ernie